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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is #evalue analytics?

#evalue analytics is a social media measurement tool that helps you understand how well a social media property is engaging with its audience. The tool allows competitor tracking for tens of thousands of brands across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Why do I need #evalue analytics?

#evalue analytics offers vital data that helps social media teams’ measure the performance, the effectiveness and the agility of a brand creates with their own social media properties and how they relate with competitors. Looking at your brand in a competitive landscape enables you to know if you are leading, ordinary or mediocre. Social media has seen steadily increasing investments and by only looking at mentions in the larger social web you cannot separate earned and owned activity.

How do I use my #evalue analytics results?

The use of #evalue analytics results will be different depending on the type of user you are. From community manager standpoints, you are able to understand the time, content and type of posts that are most effective for yourself and your competitors. From the perspective of a brand manager you will be able to craft strategy by looking at the most successful brands and gather clear reporting info in a snap. The tool also provides notifications that alert users of spikes or valleys in activity and engagement which will ensure you are able to mitigate social media gaffes.

How is #evalue analytics different than other social media monitoring tools (Sysomos, Radian 6, Tracx, etc.)?

The data provided in #evalue analytics is different than that which you will find in other social monitoring tools due to its own unique algorithm. With companies increasing the investment and importance that is placed on their social media pages they needed a tool that allows the tracking of these properties. Rather than looking at the share of voice and mentions related to different topics, #evalue analytics looks at the agility of a social media property to generate interaction, create impact and increase reach.

How do you get your data? Will you require my personal information?

#evalue analytics uses information gathered through the public API (Application Programming Interface) used by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Because we are comparing the same data for each account we ensure that all accounts are measured using the same metrics. No private data is gathered or shared.

Does #evalue analytics support Global Pages/Regional Pages/Geo-Targeted Posts on Facebook?

#evalue analytics supports two of the three strategies currently employed by Facebook pages and will soon include the third. We currently support global and regional pages and will be adding support for Geo-Targeted posts in early June. If you are interested in testing our geo-targeted support, please contact us directly to be one of the first users.

How is #evalue analytics calculated?

The #evalue score is a benchmarked evaluation of a social media property’s relative effectiveness on a given social media channel. The benchmark, which each brand is measured against, contains over 40,000 brands. Each of these is updated every hour. The actual evaluation is based on three sub-scores: engagement, impact and responsiveness.

Engagement is a calculation that takes into account the size of the community (Facebook fans or Twitter followers), the efforts put forth by the admin and the interaction that takes place on that account. Impact is calculated by looking at the efforts by the admin and both the organic and viral reach that is achieved by each effort. Responsiveness is used to look at the content directed at the brand page or profile and measures the speed and quality of response.

What are User Posts?

User posts are those interactions that a user other than the brand has with the page. These are the engagement values used to calculate the Efficiency Value. On Facebook, these are likes and comments, on Twitter they are re-tweets and mentions, on YouTube these are comments on videos.

What are Corporate Posts?

Corporate posts are any piece of content created by a brand page, these include posting of statuses, images, videos, on Facebook, tweets and re-tweets on Twitter, and the posting of videos and comments on YouTube. The algorithm uses corporate post as expenditures or as a baseline values with which user activities are measured against.

How long does it take to add a social account to your database?

We apologize if the social media property you were looking for has not yet been included in our database. We are usually able to respond to these requests within 24 hours. We will send you an email when it has been added.

How often is the data updated?

The data for each social media property is updated every hour. If a property isn’t in our database and is added to your account the data will be gathered and updated within 5 – 10 minutes.

How can I compare with other companies from my region or sector?

The tool compares accounts on a percentile scale based on the entire database of over 25,000 accounts. By adding an account to one of your campaigns you are able to compare directly to that account. Accounts you may choose to follow include; your own accounts, your competitors, or social media pioneers that you would like to model your strategy after.

What is the difference between the free and pro versions?

All the differences between #evalue analytics and #evalue analytics Pro have been outlined here. (insert link to features page)

I want to track multiple properties. How can I do that?

If you require a plan that goes beyond 3 properties you will be required to change over to the Pro Version. See our fact sheet to understand the benefits that the Pro Version offers.

Are there plans to add other networks to the #evalue analytics platform?

Yes, Engagement Labs is working on adding LinkedIn and integrating Instagram, soon after the launch of a public API. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest information on new parts of our tool. If you use these or there are other networks that you would like to see added, please let us know at contact@evaluesuite.com