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Simple and valuable social media indicators

evalue™ analytics offers actionable indicators
that fit a brand’s social media strategy and measures its performance accordingly.


Accessible, Continuous and Traceable

A successful set of metrics has to be continuously available for reference.



Benchmarking over time is crucial to compare current engagement rate and see how a brand will perform in the social media lifecycle. The evalue analytics™ model includes real-time data benchmarking within an industry sector or specific competitors. We only use public data and separate organic and promoted content to standardize our measurement.



evalue analytics™ measures social media effort using the largest number of channels possible, to identify trends and repetitions.


Global and Local

Brands are measured both at the local and global levels. Our metrics take in account the duality of the measurement in order to provide users with the right scope of social media coverage analysis.


Readable and Transparent

evalue analytics™ results are simple and readable for anyone from a junior marketer to an experienced CMO. Our methodology is transparent and based on extracting raw data from the social networks in order to measure them using a unique algorithm.



evalue analytics™ measures social media performance on various channels and sources to offer a full scope analysis into customer appeal, brand awareness, product development and much more.


The evalue analytics™ measurement philosophy considers customer engagement as the backbone of all social media strategies. Engagement is the most effective way of leveraging brand advertising results through reach and impact.

engagementlabs believes that the following social media metrics should be used to successfully measure social media performance.

THE evalue SCORE

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The evalue™ score is a precise indicator of your brand's performance on social networks. It is calculated using 250 social metrics for all networks.

Used to compare competing brands on social media networks, these social indicators give a general overview of the performance of each social media account. evalue analytics™ is calculated in real-time to offer intelligent data on demand and benchmarking information to CMOs and marketing teams, anytime and anywhere.

Our evalue score offers results for the 55,000 leading brands that engagementlabs is tracking in real-time.